The management team

Caesar van Heyningen

Chief Executive Officer

Strategic pilot for growth and structure with a commercial sight.

Stefan Arand

Chief Technology Officer

Goal-oriented driver with technical background, who himself is affected by a stroke.

Thomas Saur

Chief Visionary Officer

Visionary mastermind for therapy concepts with lots of experience within the therapy landscape.


The company's name CUREOSITY stems from the English words "cure" and "curiosity". It represents the curiosity with which people move through the world, explore it and are always eager to learn more about their environment. CUREOSITY is known for its Virtual Reality therapy system called CUREO®. CUREO® is being used in many leading rehabilitation institutions in Germany as well as globally, to treat a variety of indications with motorsensory and cognitive impairments-

Founder story

CUREO® is based on personal experiences of the founders’ Thomas Saur, Stefan Arand and Marco Faulhammer: After a car accident in 2000, Thomas Saur's infant son suffered from paraplegia. When searching for the best available care and rehabilitation, existing methods did not achieve the desired progress.

The two co-founders of CUREOSITY – Stefan Arand and Marco Faulhammer – experienced similar fates and challenges, which led them to the decision, to develop a new form of therapy that combines their therapeutic experiences and learnings with current technologies and neuroscientific findings.

Through many years of experiences in 3D visualization and the creation of application concepts in the IT and science sectors of working in this field, the founders bring profound technical know-how to the table. The combination of their technical skills, the expertise in 3D visualization, the experiences with Virtual Reality and their personal motivation from their own or their family’s medical sufferings, has led to the foundation of CUREOSITY and the idea for CUREO®.

About our team

A diverse team of close to 50 experts is working tirelessly to develop new, modern forms of therapy to help motoric or neurologically impaired patients lead a more self-determined life.

The team is driven by the goal of equipping all clinics, practices and patients with an innovative therapy system that enables them to generate a new experience. Above all, however, it is the positive feedback from therapists and patients due to their rapid therapy success that motivates all our employees - from intern to management - to continue rethinking and thereby revolutionizing rehabilitation.

Award winning product and company

For our innovative solutions in the healthcare market, we have received several awards, such as the German innovation award.

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