CUREO® is the most motivating form of rehabilitation

Elif was only 39 years old when she suffered from a brain haemorrhage in June 23 and unfortunately ended up with severe impairments in the left side of her body. Find out more about her rehabilitation with CUREO® at St. Mauritius Therapy Clinic in Meerbusch.  

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Find out which clinics and practices use CUREO®

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Currently, patients can only train with CUREO® in rehabilitation facilities such as clinics or physiotherapy and occupational therapy practices.
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Download the CUREO® broschure

You can show CUREO®  to your therapist and discuss if the system is a viable option for your rehabilitation.


Patients' feedback:

"I suddenly lifted my left arm, which usually doesn’t really do anything because of the pain."

Stroke patient with hemiparesis

"Being in a virtual environment really changes the way you perceive pain. The primary focus is not the pain anymore, but in what world you are in."


Dystrophy patient

"With the CUREO glasses, it's more vivid. The perception is awakened, the desire to be able to move the arm, to be able to move differently because the dimensions are completely different."


Stroke patient